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Dec 10, 2013 2:00pm PST
. republicans were upset about it because it ate too much into defense. democrats because it ate too much into domestic programs. >> even if they agree to this, it's got to pass by a majority of the house of representatives, and it's got to pass in the senate. i suspect it won't have much trouble in the senate, but in the house of representative, protectionly with a republican majority, will they go along with paul ryan? >> reporter: it's very hard to say, because these automatic spending cuts have been very popular with a lot of conservatives who believe it's one way to restrain spending. there have some who say you need to raise the cuts for the military because it's put us at a disadvantage globally. so you're go fog have all points of view. >> tomorrow morning there's going to be a meeting of house republicans, and they are going to have to bless this or leaders are going have to make sure that they do have enough votes because a lot of conservative groups have already come out, many of them and said conservative republicans do not vote for this. >> so you could see liberal democ
Dec 3, 2013 2:00pm PST
defense command starting on christmas eve to track santa's movements around the world, just to make sure he gets to everybody. we've had a sneak peek at one of santa's test flights, and i want you to take a look at it. it couldn't be more militarized than this year. what do you see? he's got a couple of fighters on his tail. santa has full fighter and radar escort. now, you know, it looks very yen okay with us, but some child isvocacy groups are concerned they say the militarization of this longstanding tradition may have gone just a little bit too far. we have more of the sneak peek of santa's test flight. i want to you have a listen. >> this is for santa claus, code name, big red one. intel can confirm that jack frost and the abominable snowman will not be a threat during this test flight. santa is most definitely not a threat. >> so the military told us that they did make it a little more realistic, a little more of a military operation this year. they wanted people to see what they really do. but again, some advocacy groups say, look, this is putting too much of a military spin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2